Arborn is one of the only areas in which sentient life dwells on Florana. It is a dense jungle like most of the planet, and is full of ancient ruins which serve as pieces of land in between the colossal rivers.

These ruins consist of large turquiose domed buildings which reach into the canopy, and small wooden rafts and paths which context the ruins. This area lies on one of the colossal rives which spans six square kilometres. The edges of the river where solid ground lies is actually blocked off and a force fields stops any from escaping.

Despite this there are several ruins and small jungle islands in the river.

Special RulesEdit

Several monstrous creatures dwell within the jungle rivers of Arborn. There are three species of creature which are common in this arena.

  1. Blood Flies - large sanguine insects with wasp-like appearance and a taste for blood. They fly around in large swarms but are rather frail.
  2. Lurking Ghoti - A human sized dark green fish which uses a form of tremorsense to detect prey in water. They amazingly hard to evade while in the water, but there is generally only one per 120 square metres because of territory.
  3. Spitting Hydra - Large Worm-like monsters which dwell within the water. They have tentacled faces, with each tendril ending in a sharp hook-like fang. It can spray acid from its mouth regularly. If wounded severely they generally retreat back into the water.


  • As per the rules all sentient life is removed from the arena while the match is occuring, but they didn't remove any the other hazardous life.