Character Name: Chronos Choros

Character Concept: He is the son of a god in his Realm

Character's Reality: Everything is changeable, wether now or in the future

Appearance: Seems like a human boy, only with blue hair, dressed in blue and two weird 'matterless' gauntlets, and don't forget the wings coming out of his back!

1: Left guantlet , guantlet of time
2: right guantlet, guantlet of space

1: Able to manipulate time to a certain extent
2: Able to manipulate space to a certain extent
3: Bare-fisted combat

4: Flight

1: Drawbacks from time manipulation
2: Drawbacks from space manipulation
3: Easily mind-altered (mind altering spells, illusions etc)
4: Hot headed and charges easily

5: limited air time

Reason for fighting normally: When he's cornered and to show off

Reason for fighting in tournament: To see how much his skills can do and to surpass his father who once participated in this show (before tv)

Now he's won the first tournament, his plane of existence started to flourish with the adjustments made from the won money. Chronos likes it, and wants to improve it even more, so he's come back for more.

Common Tactics: Attack and change time and space while doing so

Background: Chronos always enjoyed playing with things as time and space, trying to make people go mad or simply feeling like a god. He's only a spoiled brat though, and has never even felt pain. Boy, he's not going to like this tournament. He's overconfident also.