BoneClaw is a colossal city in the uppermost region of the underdark. It is home to the undead. These people have developed a city in a fraction of the time and are still adding more sections.

Within the city are homes, a market, a port, arena, and a large castle. But all give off a creepy chill as its silent citizens walk around living out there lives without a word.

Despite the progress, bones and dust line the streets of this great city. Also beneath the city itself is a complex sewer system which is full of fleshy pods, all of which seem to have humanoid creatures within them.

Special RulesEdit

Negative energy surges through this city constantly, this empowers all necromancy spells and effect within the arena.


  • The rules only say sentient living creatures are removed from the areas all undead remained in the city. As such within the city there are:
    • Skeletons
    • Zombies
    • Vampires
    • Wights
    • Liches
    • and Undead Animals