Players are here to have fun. Violation of any of these rules can lead to benching or banning.

  • No insulting enemy players
  • No bad winners
    • Yes you won, congrats. Please don't rub it in the losers face.
  • No bad losers
    • You lost, I am sorry. Better luck next season! Please don't spaz out.
  • No humiliating of other characters
    • Winners are allowed a certain amount of leeway with the loser at the end of the battle. You can kill them, even violently, but lets keep it civil. Remember, these are equally matched enemies, they deserve a level of respect.
  • No sexual, racial, religious or bigoted attacks in or out of character
    • No rape, no ethnic slurs, etc.
  • Report any believed violations to GM, do not post complaints on message boards.