1. Characters are taken from any point in the multiverse. This means dnd swordsmen fight modern day vampires alien beings from another plane of existance and future space marines and even gods. Play anything or anyone . . . just make sure they can fight.
  2. All characters are evenly matched no matter their fluff.
    1. Keep this in mind when you create your character
    2. Mcguffins may be given to players to up their ability to be evenly matched
    3. Fluff may be used, such as explaining that a mage in this dimension is as powerful as a god in another.
  3. Equipment is unlimited, but there is no need to list 5000 items
    1. See example character for example
  4. For simplicity, only list up to 4 powers. Feel free to group them into general concepts. Please be somewhat specific.
    1. See example character for examples
    2. Side kicks are considered a power
      1. Sidekicks are strong things that join you in combat
      2. No more than 2 per character with the sidekick power (this is to keep out armies of strong minions
      3. Please see rules on sidekicks in the combat section
    3. Minions are considered a power
      1. Players may have unlimited minions based on their powers
      2. Minions must be summned/carried/built/grown/whatever into the arena
      3. Please see rules on minions in combat
  5. Weaknesses are optional but make the game more interesting and give your enemies an idea of how they can fight you. Remember that weaknesses include Mental weaknesses as well as physical.
  6. All characters are subject to GM approval