Character Name: Examplo

Player: DjDeMiko

Character Concept: Swordsman with magic buffing

Character's Reality/World: The Realm of Aturo, a dnd style fantasy realm

Appearance: Tall with numerous scars and tattoos of the world Example all over his body

Equipment: (unlimited)

  • Masterwork magic sword of fire
  • Adventuring pack with rations and general survival tools
  • General magic items that improve physical and mental stats
  • Healing potions

​Powers and Abilities: (Up to 4, can be general)

  • Master swordsman: Examplo is deadly with a sword
  • Force protection magics: Examplo can summon magical force for defense
  • Haste Magic: Examplo is able to move faster than a normal human
  • Force Strike: Examplo can fire small force bolts with his sword

​Flaws, weaknesses (Unlimited)

  • Weak in non-magic areas.
  • Has to be able to speak to cast spells.

​Reason Character fights normally: Money and glory

How did Character end up in tournament: He was invited to join

Common Tactics:

  • Common combat prep/buffing: Examplo casts protective spells on himself that make him harder to hit
  • Common defensive tactic: focus energy on parrying attacks, use forcebolts to deflect oncoming missles
  • Common offensive tactic: Slicing and dicing.

​Character Background:

Examplo comes from the exciting example world full of example beasts and example families. One day, he was showing off his example skills with a strange man approached with an offer.