This is a freeform arena styled combat game. Players are placed 1 v 1 to have a written duel with each other. There is no combat rolling, only writing. On each players turn, they write a section of the duel based on their knowledge of their character and of the enemy character. Players take turns posting until a winner is decided.

How do we decide the winner?

Luck + votes. At the end of each Bracket (1 week period) all players may place 1 vote. Votes are sent in confidentially to myself, but will be posted as they are tallied. We then take each current 1 v 1 fight, roll a die (starting with a d2 and moving up with each bracket) and adding any votes you received. Ties are resolved by rerolling.

There are no rules on who you vote for besides not picking yourself. Pick the awesome character, pick the best writer, pick the person who you want to see more of, pick your buddy steve. You get one vote. As each bracket ends and a new one starts, we roll a larger die (because there are less people to vote on).

Is everyone with me so far? You just keep having fun bashing each other until the end of the week, then we determine a winner, the losers bow out and the winner moves on to the next round. You can keep voting even after losing.

You will post 5 times per week as a minimum. Post should be at least 3 paragraphs in length.

You will NEVER verbally attack another player or use another players character inappropriately. If you do have an issue, PM me (Milo v3), do not take it into the forums.