Character Name: Galimon

Player: Mabn

Character Concept:

Astral traveler who calls upon the personas of those he has visited.

Character's Reality/World: Many.

Appearance: A brown haired man of indeterminate age wearing a robe of many colors.

Equipment: (unlimited)

  1. Any he creates.

Powers and Abilities: (Up to 4, can be general)

  1. Extraordinary reflexes, coordination, muscle control, and powers of observation
  2. The skills and experience of a hundred lifetimes
  3. An aura that renders nearby reality responsive to the wills of those inside it
  4. The spirit of a hero and what a hundred of the strongest hearts in the multiverse can lend him

Flaws, weaknesses (Unlimited)

  1. Dwells in the body of a normal Human.
  2. Anyone near him can manipulate reality if they have strong enough wills.

Reason Character fights normally: To aid those with great drive.

How did Character end up in tournament: Years ago he felt the will of an untraceable but utterly compelling spirit. Although he long sought to go to it, he neither found it nor forgot its beauty. When he received the invitation to this tournament, it seemed to him to bear traces of the spirits location

Common Tactics:

  • he often tries to overwhelm his opponent with a flurry of attacks and weapons while carefully reading them and slightly disrupting their movements to neutralize their attack or catch them flat footed

​Character Background:

There are souls who cry out to the multiverse for aid. Galimon is one who answers them. A man who long ago learned to project his spirit and awareness through the astral medium , he is drawn to beings with goals and desires as strong as only those who compel themselves to things far beyond their ability can have. He bonds his mind, spirit, and awareness to theirs, giving them great ability to put towards their purpose until even they relent and bid their universe continue its fated course. In his times of need they return the favor. The astral medium is wild and unfinished, changing to what it is perceived as or believed to be. Galimon's extensive journey's through it have left him so marked by it and saturated by its presence that any place he inhabits will behave similarly.