Character Name: Gimit Thumbletoes
Character Concept: The road less travelled? Hah!
Character's Reality: Has switched so many times he doesn't remember where he started.

Appearance: Due to a racial-reassignment surgery gone wrong combined with some experiments in lycanthropy, he currently looks like a halfling with blue skin and a long braid that he consistently tries to attach to things.

1: A magical flute.
2: A bag of random crystals and small balls
3: A long stick

1: Able to manifest any low-level power from any reality, any world, any movie, any book

1: Not particularly good at any of them
2: Horribly indecisive

Reason for fighting normally: "It's just what you do in some of these worlds, you know?"
Reason for fighting in tournament: Universe administration got fed up with him changing his mind, and figured this was an easy way to get rid of him.

Common Tactics: Summon small creatures from balls, change into a werecat/bear/wolf/bird, try to dominate/charm/distract with illusions, pick up improvised weapons, drink a lot to improve his hand-to-hand combat, just to name a few. He probably won't pick any of these.

Background: Gimit doesn't remember where he started. Where he ended up is a jack-of-all-trades. The universe, having admitted him some years (eons?) ago, made the mistake of not paying attention to him for a while. He's amazingly indecisive, and has spent a little bit of time in every book, movie, roleplaying game, video game, board game, and even real worlds some times. Unfortunately he never hung around long enough to pick up more than the very basics. So, while he can turn into a were___, he's more likely to get confused by the amount of legs/arms/wings/antennae he has than to accomplish anything particularly useful; the same applies to all the other capabilities he has. Still, he's lived for years (eons? time goes fast in some places) like this, so he's at least figured out how to get around without dying.
The universe, finally having noticed this, has decided he's spent enough time violating laws of physics/chemistry/math/Godwin, and are using the tournament as an excuse to get him out. They've bound him to the tournament grounds, so he can't leave any more, but he may switch from one battleground to the other unless prevented.