Character Name: Imperial Dalek Unit 21 [or IDU21 for short, or just the Dalek]


Character Concept: Daleks typically start out with their battle cry of "Ann-iHIL-ATE!" and open fire. Dalek armor is capable of taking insanely large amounts of firepower. Daleks also possess an incredibly large amount of firepower. (In this world however, there shields are only about as powerful as an advanced Federation Shield from Start Trek). However, while Daleks possess both this, and an incredible level of intelligence about astrophysics and quantuum mechanics, there battle methodology is extremely simple. Aim, fire, raise personal shielding. They have virtually no ability to think tactically.

Character's Reality/World: Doctor Who, universe verion 9.0 [as in not exactly like the show].

Equipment: (unlimited)

  • Personal Shield
  • Main Gun
  • Anti-Vision impairment Burners

​Powers and Abilities: (Up to 4, can be general)

  • Shield (Equivilent of Federation from Star Trek)
  • Insanely awesome firepower
  • Powerful Armor

​Flaws, weaknesses (Unlimited)

  • Single Camera for Vision
  • Idiotic
  • Slow Movement & Gun Training

​Reason Character fights normally: Hatred & Intolerance

How did Character end up in tournament: Killed the first interviewer that requested dalek permission. Afterwards, the dalek empire forced their way into the competition. Intending to kill everyone involved after the competition is over (they only intend to enter and win as a show of force, they would much prefer to just kill everyone right away, but entering will better discourage vermin).

Common Tactics: fire, put up shield.

  • Common combat prep/buffing
  • Common defensive tactic
  • Common offensive tactic

​Character Background: A being consumed with malevolent hatred towards all non-dalek beings, as well as the newest faction of Daleks, the Renegades. Imperial Daleks are loyal to the Supreme Dalek, whereas Renegade Daleks are loyal to Davros, their creator.