Character Name: Inriiaynrae


Character Concept: Dragon-Sorceress
Character's Reality: A rogue dark elf with innate magic stemming from draconic blood.

Tall and lean like a runner with a boyish shaped figure, Inriiaynrae has ebony black skin that resemble black satin silk, intense crimson eyes reflecting the fiery spirit inside, and silver knee-length hair that cascades around her like snow down a mountain on a moonlight midnight. She has an elven fey beauty mixed with a wild exotic look.


  • Shadow (shortsword)
  • Returning/seeking Chakram
  • Repeating hand crossbow with 5 poison bolts per cartridge
  • Adamantine dagger
  • Minor items- vials of poisons, gernades, theives tools, Rune of Cure Light Wounds, Healing Potions, general travel and adventure equipment
  • Magical Black Spidersilk Shirt reinforced with mithril and adamantine
  • Black half mask
  • Black belt of Magnificence with black sapphire clasp
  • Elvenkind Boots
  • Greater Piwafwi of Resistance
  • Jewelry: Ring of Proof Against Poison, Excruciating Ring


  • Sorceress and dark elf spells
  • Stealth/rogue related abilities- sneak attack, evasion and quick reflexes, dexterous, nimble, graceful; finesse
  • *Bautha Z'hin and Draa Velve combat- dodging blows and high maneuverability; ambidextrous fighting with two weapons;
  • Draconic heritage


  • Light sensitive- blinded in very brilliant sudden lights.
  • Pyromania- mostly fire related spells
  • Haunting past- mentally unstable sometimes
  • Fiery explosive temper- can cause her not to think clearly
  • Half insane and crazy- no plans, methods, strategy,
  • Slightly more frail than the average fighter.
  • Predominantly offensive spells- weaker defense
  • Relies on quick striking and ranged spells, not on power; weak in up close pure physical combat.
  • Relies on magic and magic enhanced equipment- Unable to cast in antimagic/dispelled areas
  • Not familiar with machines like modern day equipment, guns, ect.

Reason for fighting normally: boredom, survival, revenge
Reason for fighting in tournament: captured by a powerful enemy and fighting for her freedom
Common Tactics: whatever her whims are.