Character Name: Lamin, Prince Of Blades

Player: Twilight Muse

Character Concept:

A blade-wielding demigod with psionic powers who travels the multiverse bringing sinners to justice.

Character's Reality/World: A clockpunk city planet with magic.

Appearance: The, until a better word comes to mind, man is tall, thin and pale. His hair is jet black and his eyes are a smouldering orange. Lamin is dressed in a patchwork outfit tailored from the clothing and armour of the many men that have died at his blades, which he keeps about his person.

Equipment: (unlimited)

  1. Blades. Lamin keeps knives, razors, swords, and daggers of every description available at all times. They are tucked into his boots, sheathed at his side, hidden in his sleeves, strapped across his back, and wedged in his gloves. The god-thing seems to have an infinite supply, and possesses unrivalled proficiency with his weapons.

Powers and Abilities: (Up to 4, can be general)

  1. Psionics: Lamin's gaze bores into the soul. He can read a man's mind, twist his emotions, make him see things that are not there, and even carve off pieces of his personality.
  2. Acrobatics: Lamin possesses superhuman speed, agility, and coordination.
  3. Durability. Lamin's flesh possesses supernatural resilience. It is soft, but will almost never tear or bruise.
  4. Acid blood. Lamin's blood is a highly potent acid.

Flaws, weaknesses (Unlimited)

  1. Has an annoying sense of justice.
  2. Takes too much pleasure in the pain of his foes.

Reason Character fights normally: To bring to justice people he thinks have done evil.

How did Character end up in tournament: To improve his abilities and gain experience

Common Tactics:

  • Stares into a foe's eyes, bringing forth scarring visions until they are incapacitated by the trauma, and then slitting their throat

​Character Background:

Lamin is a tortured god-thing who wanders the multiverse, bringing murderers and monsters to justice with his thousands of gleaming blades. He enjoys his work, and takes pride in it, considering himself something of an artist. Every kill is interesting and unique.