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Character Name: Oshgosh

Player: DjDeMiko

Character Concept: Transmutation and polymorph wizard

Character's Reality/World: A typical DND fantasy setting

Appearance: A tall thin man dressed in dark brown robes and carrying a staff with a brown gem on its top.


  • Magic staff - increases his magical power
  • Brown Robes - pockets full of magical components

​Powers and Abilities:

  • Polymorph Master - Can change into common fantasy monster forms and gain some powers
  • Transmutation Magic - DND style transmutation including buffs, but not attacks
  • Polymorph Any Object - Can turn anything into anything. Living things can attempt to resist through strength of mind or body
  • Create Life - Can turn inanimate objects into living things under his control. This is a minion power)

​Flaws, weaknesses

  • No matter his form, he is still a human, all wounds taken wound him as a human
  • Must be able to speak to cast spells
  • Can not cast in no-magic zones
  • Must be in human form to cast spells

​Reason Character fights normally: To learn more about the world and magic

How did Character end up in tournament: A chance to travel to other planes of existance? Hells yes!

Common Tactics:

  • Common combat prep/buffing: Will create living minions from things around him and send them to scout.
  • Common defensive tactic: Change into a large creature
  • Common offensive tactic: Attack with minions or transmute things into dangerous things

​Character Background:

Oshgosh is one of the more powerful mages on his plane of existance and to be frank, its getting a little boring being the best. Oshgosh is neutral and has no qualms killing, but will not kill without reason. Oshgosh is always interested in learning more about the worlds.