Special Rules - Each room is randomly themed on different programs (The program could be from any time). Differenent rooms might have special rules while others might be normal.

This area is quite large in the view of the players each room being around 30 square feet big. There is also a large number of rooms in the Arena. One for each program. In general the arena has 25 rooms per floor. And there are five floors. Between rooms there is normally a corridor contecting to other rooms. The corridor might connect to any number of rooms on the same floor.

The arena is actually a computer network called Psibur.rena (AKA. Cyber Arena). As such every room is procedually generated whenever you enter it and there isn't anyone else in it and as such is completely random. You could be room full of Cabinets and small amounts of art (A sample Document with Files & Images) and then step into a room made of pure fire (The Fire Wall), and run back into the room you came from, and it is now a room covered in paint which you can generate at will (A program similar to Paint).

The corridors are blank blue hallways with a grid design and the doors are simply squares with symbols on it. These symbols show the room the door links to currently. To go through a door simply touch the square and you will instantly teleport into the room entered.