1. Violation of rules can lead to banning or being benched.
  2. If you ever violate a rule please add a spoiler explaining why. Reasons better be good.
    1. Enemy player has quit playing
    2. You have agreed upon actions ahead with enemy player.
    3. Enemy player has powers that negate a normal rule.
      1. Example: Cutting the arm off a character who can regrow his arms easily.
  3. Players may never kill or maim another player:
    1. Until the winner is determined.
      1. Winners may kill or maim losers
      2. Please keep in line with Code of Conduct
      3. Dead characters can be resurected between seasons
  4. Players MAY control enemy characters provided
    1. They do not use the character against his concept
      1. Example: Don't have a mute character speak or have an honorable character stab you in the back or a courageous fighter turn and run in fear
    2. They only use the character in a way to push the combat forward
      1. Example: Describing the enemy dodging attacks and retaliating is fine
    3. Keep enemy character dialogue to a minimum
      1. You don't want other people putting words in your characters mouth, so don't put words in theirs
  5. Characters are always assumed to be evenly matched, no matter the fluff.
    1. This may require GM nerfing of buffing characters for the duration of the fight
      1. Example: Player 1 is a god, Player 2 is a Hard Boiled Cop. Clearly this is unbalanced. GM will most likely temporarily infuse Hard Boiled Cop with divine energy and god-killing bullets
    2. Characters may have powers which auto-kill, auto-trap or autowin against normal enemies, but players are not playing normal characters
      1. Powers that woudl autokill, autotrap or autowin a fight are either considered disabled or resistable by enemy character.
        1. Example: Player 1 has mind control and tries to use it on player 2. Player 2 allows his character to be controlled but manages to resist before any permanent damage is done.
  6. Players may hit other characters during combat
    1. No character is unhittable
      1. Even if your character is normally impossible to hit, other players are strong/fast/special enough to do so
      2. Please do keep enemy defenses in mind and play to them.
        1. Example: A character who is normally impossible to hit would still be VERY hard to hit.
    2. Be aware of your oponents defenses
      1. Example: A bad player will write that he stabs his enemy, who is a cloud of sentient gas.
    3. Hits are never more than flavour and can never inconvience an enemy
      1. Characers may bloody and bruise each other, but never interfere with the characters ability to fight
  7. Players must treat enemy character sidekicks in the same fashion they treat the enemy character
  8. Minions are exempt from normal combat rules.
    1. Minions can be maimed, killed, mind controlled, captured, etc.
    2. Minions stay loyal to their character unless player has the ability to sway them
      1. Example: Player 2 cannot simply ask Player 1's minions to attack Player 1. Player 2, who has mind control powers, can take control of Player 1's minions and force them to attack.
  9. Players must all set up rules of arena and Arena setup as dictated by player 1.
  10. Players may attempt to change locations during fights, assuming arena allows
    1. Example: Forest arena is a large forest. Fight can be dictated starting in a clearing and move to a lake if its written.
    2. Example: Cave arena is inside a large cave with unpassable walls. It can not be teleported out of or drilled out of
  11. Players may not steal enemy characters equipment if it will interfere with enemy character's ability to fight.
    1. An exception to this rule is characters that have lots of easily replaced equipment.
    2. An exception to this rule is if the character loses hold of his equipment.
    3. Example: Player 1 carries 20 throwing knives, Player 2 may catch a knife thrown or even steal one or two from the belt.