Character Name: Spider

Player: Milo v3

Character Concept: An Australian (realistic Australian not a Crocodile Dundee Australian) contractor who can manipulate his bones and regenerate his cells to repair damage caused not only by enemies, but also the damage caused by his own powers.

Note: While Spider has increased stamina he is still subject to pain and has on occation passed out from the pain of using his powers.

Character's Reality/World: Darker Than Black (A world set in the close future where a very small amount of people have powers which are called contractors)

Personality: He generally puts reason over his emotions, because he is a contractor, but there are exceptions. For example he has more pride, want for a challenge, and is more protective of his doll than most contractors.

Appearance: Male caucasian who has long white hair. He is amazingly pale and has tiny cuts all over his body.

Equipment: (unlimited)

  1. A red coat which is semi bullet proof (It will stop some bullets but not all)
  2. Small Knife
  3. HUD on glasses
  4. Jeans

​Powers and Abilities: (Up to 4, can be general)

  1. Bone Manipulation
  2. Slow regeneration
  3. Sidekick (A teenaged american girl which if in contact with Bone can use it as a medium to scry through another bone at a distance (She is a Doll))
  4. High Endurance

​Flaws, weaknesses (Unlimited)

  1. To use his Bone Manipulation he must tear his flesh as his renumeration and if he doesn't he melts into a puddle of biomass.
  2. He cares about his Doll like she was his sister.
  3. Generally shows no emtion and puts it behind reason.

Reason Character fights normally: A Challenge.

How did Character end up in tournament: Entered Hells Gate and wandered for three days trying to get out. Ended up in the Tournament.

Common Tactics:

  • Common combat prep/buffing: Makes sure he is full of energy, healthy, and HUD is online.
  • Common defensive tactic: Reinforce his bones increasing there mass and making bone plate inside his body. If in danger make body more mobile by returning bone to normal state and escape via wall climbing.
  • Common offensive tactic: Bone Blades, Bone Shards, Painful Grip (Causes bone to come out of his hands to cause amazingly powerful grip. He then pulls his hand away)

​Character Background: He was a contractor since he was twelve. Being an assassin who always found a way inside. But soon he found he had no challege so he broke into the highest security area in the world Hells Gate.


Spider's Sidekick is a 16 year old teen girl who is named Amber. She is small even for her age. Has blonde hair, and amber eyes. She is a Doll and as such has no emotion. If she comes in contact with bone she can send out an observer spirit using Bone as the medium.