Character Name: The Culicidae


Character Concept: Horror movie monster

Character's Reality/World: The world of things going wrong in the most bizarre and gory ways imaginable that is cheesy 80's horror movies.

Appearance: A tall pale young woman with white hair, red eyes, and sets of mosquito antenna and wings wearing a tattered scientists outfit.


  • A seemingly endless supply of oversized hypodermic needles.

​Powers and Abilities:

  • Can fly with great precision.
  • antenna can "smell" living things in the general vicinity.
  • Can suck blood from mammals open wounds.
  • Highly agile.

​Flaws, weaknesses;

  • Breathes via spiracles which are vulnerable to smoke and gas.
  • Wings and antenna are sensitive and easily damaged.
  • Cold blooded so extreme temperatures are more harmful then they are to normal humans.
  • Constant thirst for human blood.
  • Eyes are Sensitive to bright light.

'​Reason Character fights normally:' Human blood.

How did Character end up in tournament: Money to be used in the acquisition of human blood.

Common Tactics: Stealthily flying up behind the target in question, attempting to drain their blood though a hypodermic needle, then flying to safety should they attempt a counterattack.

Character Background: Susan Hale was once a scientist working on an experimental compound that would in theory function as the perfect pesticide due to its ability to somehow destroy mosquitoes on a genetic level while leaving other forms of life unharmed however during the experimental process she was bitten by one of the few mosquitoes that had survived testing causing her body to transform into something part human part mosquito due to the compound mutating the viruses the mosquito had been carrying. With a newfound craving for human blood Susan killed her coworkers and now patrols the facility searching for new prey among those that come on bets and rumors.